We offer exclusive vinyl doll kits created from original sculpts by innovative artists. The kits are Limited Editions. Each is numbered, and the first 25 kits sold are either artist signed or come with an artist signed COA.

At OOAK REBORN BABY, we believe we have the most outstanding  doll sculpting artists from around the world.

To provide our Customers High Quality, Numbered, Limited Edition reborning kits  of 350 or less produced at the best price possible.

We bring sculpting artists and reborn artists together. Providing the sculpting artist an opportunity to have their work produced, and the reborn artist a fresh, new, product to reborn.

Some of the artists are well known, while others are newly discovered talented sculptors.

Send Us Your Photos
If you are an artist considering becoming an OOAK REBORN BABY sculptor,  or know of an artist who may be interested, please contact us Also visit the sculpting contest page for more info.

For The Reborner
Doll kits will be in Numbered & Limited Editions, thus helping to create a more unique product. Check back often as new artists are continually signing up and releasing new products. Be sure to join our Mailing List to receive the latest details.

We’d love to hear your thoughts and comments, please share them with us! Got an idea and want to share? Do you know of a great undiscovered artist? Feel free to drop us a line!

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New Baby Sheena Kits

Out of Stock!

She is a limited edition of
350 WORLD WIDE !!!

New Baby Lindsey Kits
on sale NOW!!!

She is a limited edition of
350 WORLD WIDE !!!

Sculpted by Hanni Posch
Prototype kits are on their way to the aritsts.

Baby Lindsey is a beautiful baby girl made from a lovely soft light pink flesh colored vinyl that is very easy to root and paint. She is a 18  inch kit and
comes with a Numbered
Certificate of Authenticity